Marauder's Map - Snape Insult v5.2

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Since I updated my Marauder's Map to another version (v5.1), I though it prudent to update the Snape Insult prop as well. I've been getting emails about incorporating the insult into the map design, so that it is a sort of 2-in-1 replica, but here's why I'm not planning to do so - I like to create movie props, which I define as something that could be used in a movie without looking out of place or as a toy. Once you incorporate other things into the map, like footsteps with people's names, it's no longer a movie prop by (my) definition, because the footsteps are supposed to be animated and added in post-production, the original prop most certainly doesn't include them. I'm not against it, of course, this is just an explanation of why I'm not making my replicas with things like this included, and why this one is a separate piece, rather than incorporated into the full map.


Since the only interesting part of the replica is the intro page, and the rest is blank, I've decided to take it up a notch. In the books, all the Marauders insult Severus Snape in turns, everyone gets to tell him off, while in the movie, they sort of mixed all the insults into one. I like the movie version, but I've decided to include the insults from the book as well, and since the rest of the prop is empty, I've got a looot of space to do that.


Research-wise there's not much to go on, the insult appears briefly in the Prisoner of Azkaban, and that's basically it. Since the prop has only the intro page, that's actually all I needed, the remaining pages are designed entirely by me, they're not in the movie. I got this idea when I was re-reading all the Harry Potter books, and when I got to the insult scene, I thought that it would be a cool addition to the otherwise empty prop. Anyway, since I got the insults from the book, all I needed to do was to turn it into a design that fits the visual style of the map. I handwritten everything on my computer and then used the AAE Map Maker to turn it into a printable prop:


Just like the full map, the prop has an ultra HD seamless parchment texture. The texture, just like the ink, is fully adjustable in the AAE Map Maker settings, of course. Now all the Marauders get a chance to bully Snape, like little Wormtail here:


Final Thought

This prop is a little escape from the urge to create another pages for the Marauder's Map... every time I decide to add a new page, I end up re-designing the entire prop, I just can't help it, hehe. I liked working on this one, because I had free reign over majority of the designs, simply because four of the five page designs were my additions to the prop.



Demo Video

If you're interested in a more detailed look at the piece, feel free to watch the demo video on my youtube channel, here it is: