Lightsaber Stand

Star Wars

As I got more and more lightsabers, I needed a way to properly display them. That's why I decided to create a lightsaber stand. I didn't think it would look very good if it was made from wood, I wanted to have something that wouldn't cover the lightsabers very much, so that's why I chose to use acrylic glass.


I like the fact that the stand is almost invisible and doesn't take your eyes off of the lightsabers. I've decided to create a stand that would accommodate two sabers at once, because I wanted to have my Luke ESB replica (bought online) and Obi-Wan ANH (made by me) displayed together.

Building Process

This whole thing was fairly easy. I cut out a piece of acrylic glass I had lying around. I then taped two pieces together, because I needed them to be identical, and sanded them into the shape I wanted. After that, I needed to cut the slots for the lightsabers. I didn't really plan this, so I sketched it on the glass as I went. I initially wanted to create rectangular cuts, but it didn't seem right. The circular cut outs look much more smoothly. And that's basically the whole stand, the last thing I needed was a piece that would keep the two sides straight.