Harry Potter's Wand

Harry Potter

One simply cannot leave this one behind. I like that they dropped the design from the first two films, where all the wands looked basically the same. If I'm not mistaken, it was Alfonso Cuarón (director) who came up with the idea to use new wand designs for the Prisoner of Azkaban.


I had a wonderful experience using FIMO clay for the sculpting of my Voldemort's wand, so I used it for this one as well. I'm not very skilled in sculpting natural shapes - both in real life and 3D graphics. I prefer hard-edged modeling. Organic shapes give you freedom to sculpt everything by hand without the need of precise measurements. On the other hand, it's easy to screw it up.


There's a wooden stick in the base of my replica. I do this with all of my replicas, because the wand stays fairly flexible - just like wood. This time I covered the entire wooden stick in FIMO clay, so I can add some imperfections to the surface. I baked this so I don't have to worry about touching the thing, and I used this as a base for the wand. I then started working on the wand handle. I first added the transition between the handle and the rest of the wand. I'm starting to like this type of modeling more and more. I baked this part again, so I can work on the front of the handle. It's almost like saving your progress in a game - if I don't like what I'm doing with the next part, I can simply scrape it off of the wand and do it again. I finished the front side of the handle, and then (after another baking) the rear side and added some final details. I think it turned out looking good, it resembles a twig, which is exactly what I wanted.



I used brown FIMO clay, but I didn't really like the color, so I started the painting process from scratch. I painted the whole wand black, as a base. Then, just like I did with my Elder Wand, I started adding different shades of brown. After a few passes, it started to look like wood.


Final Thought

The design proved to be very difficult to scult, but I think it looks good in the end. This is the third wand I created, the first one was the Elder Wand, and the second one was Voldemort's Wand. Anyway, the FIMO clay turned out to be really good for this type of replicas.