Nightcrawler Fx Pack


Inside this product you will find 20 different high-res and low-res footages with the "bamf" smoke effect (10x smoke with ground interaction, 5x smoke without the ground for jumping etc., 5x smoke affected by wind or movement. There are also 20 different sound effects of the teleportation, filmed footage which you can use for your own tests and of course a tutorial that will show you how to put everything together in Adobe After Effects. As a bonus, there is a rigged cgi prehensile tail for Blender (.blend) ready for animation!



  • 10x smoke (ground interaction)

  • 5x smoke (no ground)

  • 5x smoke (wind/movement)

  • 20 sound effects

  • test footage

  • AAE tutorial

  • rigged cgi tail (.blend)



Adobe After Effects CS6


Commercial Use Allowed

You can use this product for personal and commercial projects.