Mark 3 Suit Cycles


The product contains a .blend file with 3d model of the Mark 3 Suit and armor-display platform. The suit has very high level of detail, there is also the whole under layer! It is attached to IK/FK rig and its systems can be easily controled and animated thanks to the sliders next to the 3d view. Almost every piece of the suit is uv unwrapped and included in the main 12,288x12,288 texture. The materials are also rigged, so you can easily activate different damage textures. It is optimized for 'Cycles', all textures are packed inside the .blend file.



  • the suit (.blend) - IK/FK rig, sliders

  • textures packed inside the .blend file

  • 3d model of the armor-display platform

  • render engine: Cycles



Blender 2.69


Editorial Uses Only

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This project is old, make sure to open it in the required version of Blender.