Bionic Arm


​The product contains a .blend file with rigged, textured and uv unwrapped 3D model of bionic arm with amazing level of details ready for animation and compositing. You can use either IK or FK rig. Materials are designed for 'Cycles' render engine. There are also 3 versions of battle damage - all in one .blend file! In case you don't have much experience with Blender, there is a short guide enclosed explaining all the tricky things about Blender and this project (faster rendering, adjusting materials, adding battle damage and much more).



  • bionic arm (.blend)

  • bionic arm guide (.pdf)

  • files required by the 3D project, such as UV textures

  • render engine: Cycles



Blender 2.69


Commercial Use Allowed

You can use this product for personal and commercial projects.